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Cheap rental carsBelow you will find links to car rentals at the various airports listed. We have listed the lesser known rental car companies at each airport. These companies often have lower rates than the major car rental companies such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, etc. Of course you should check the major car rental companies as well. There are a some advantages to the major companies that may out weigh the extra cost. The major companies usually have more cars to choose from, more shuttle buses to the airport and back, are easier to find when returning the vehicle and they have more locations if you need to return your car to another airport.  See More Car Rental Tips at the bottom of this page.


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More Car Rentals Tips:  The following are general rules that apply to most car rentals companies.  Check with your car rental company for their exact policies.

  1. You must have a credit card or cash qualify.  Debit cards are not accepted at many locations.  They may run a credit check if not paying by credit card.
  2. Your credit card must have additional funds available over and above the amount of the rental.  For example: One major car rental company puts a hold on an additional 40% of your rental amount on your credit card.
  3. The driver must be 25 years old or older.  Note: with some car companies you can rent a car if under 25 but there is a rather large fee to do so.
  4. The driver must have a valid drivers license.
  5. The driver must have a “clean” driving record.
  6. Check with your own auto insurance company before renting any car to find out the extent of your coverages. Most car insurance companies will only cover a rental car to the limit of the coverage on your own car. This means if you drive an older car and rent a nice new car you could be under insured. In this case we would definitely recommend purchasing the extra insurance offered by the car rental company. Many people take the extra insurance anyway to avoid any hassles if they get in an accident. Without the added insurance most car rental companies will charge your credit card the cost of the repairs or more until they are reimbursed by your auto insurance company which could take several weeks.
  7. Inspect your rental vehicle for dents and other problems and make sure it is noted before you leave the lot.
  8. If you choose to refuel your car before returning it to the airport pick a station well away from the airport itself. Most stations near airports know that people returning their cars are in a hurry and will be forced to pay more.

Note: While every effort has been made to make sure the listings in this website are accurate we make no guarantees as to the quality, reliabilty, safety or business practices of the car rental companies listed or the vehicles they rent. We are simply providing a list of lesser known car rental companies for your convenience.