Our Low Price Guarantee

We guarantee that our prices will be as low or lower than the prices of our competitors or we will give you a gift certificate worth $50.  Your trip must be the same under the following terms and conditions.

Travel Dates must be the same.
Airline, flight numbers, flight times, origin, destination, and class of service must be the same.
Hotel, room type and rate plan must be the same.
Car rental class, destination, number of days must be the same.
Cruise line, cabin room type and rate plan must be the same.
Cancellation policies must be the same.
All parts of your package must match for dates and destination.
For air only trips the any fees are outside this guarantee. 
Must be from a US based company.
We must be notified of the cheaper fare within 12 hours of your booking with us.

Basically we must be comparing apples with apples.  Please be aware that prices can fluctuate from one day to the next for exactly the same trip in every detail.  This is true for everyone selling travel.  Most of the time, but not always, prices increase as you get closer to the travel date.  Rest assured that we try our best to find not only the best price but the best value.  It is better for us to have you as a repeat customer for many years than to overcharge and lose you as a customer.