Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana Review

Prior to staying at the Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana, my opinion was that the resort was first and foremost a kids resort where costumed characters and kids music would be unavoidable. In reality, the Nickelodeon resort is SO much more than a kids resort. The resort would make a great vacation for multi-generational families, families with teens, couples and even honeymooners (yes, really… I spoke with several couples who chose this resort for their honeymoon)! The resort even has a dedicated roof top wedding venue!

Initial Impressions/Guest Room:
Upon my arrival we were greeted by several members of the staff who had in hand both champagne and cool towels. The check-in process was quick and efficient. Bell hops collected my bags and together took me by golf cart directly to my building (4). The property seemed very well manicured and clean. My top floor (third story) room was no different, it appeared to be clean and well kept. My only complaint was that the toilet flushed poorly as if the water pressure wasn’t adequate. This was confirmed when I took a shower. Although slightly inconvenient, I didn’t consider it a deal breaker. The in room mini-bar was stocked with several adult and family friendly beverages and a few snacks. I appreciated that the ‘master’ bedroom had the ability to be semi-closed off from the other parts of the rooms. Additionally, the seating area, second TV and large balcony were very nice.

One thing that I was unaware of before traveling was that half of the property was a separate resort called Sensatori. How it was described to me was that a large travel company based in Europe buys out 100% of Sensatori and re-sells the rooms exclusively to European guests. This wasn’t an issue, but they also share all of the same restaurants and use the same pools etc. The only thing their guests didn’t have access to was one theater and the Nickelodeon water park. So, it’s important to know that even though Nickelodeon advertises that they only have 208 rooms, that number should be doubled to account for Sensatori.

The pools were great at this property, there was one main free-form infinity edge pool with swim-up bar that was large enough to accommodate kids, families, adults and it had plenty of seating and shade for everyone surrounding the pool. Additionally, every building is almost completely surrounded by a pool that provides direct access from all first floor rooms. It was designed in a way that parents shouldn’t worry about kids wandering off and accidentally falling in, however care should be taken.

Food was easy to find; there were a couple of restaurants located near the beach, a few snack style locations near several buildings and the main food areas were located towards the back of the property in a very nice Italian inspired plaza. There was one main dining room that was self-serve with several other restaurants that although they required reservations, they didn’t cost anything additional with the exception of two. One being an adults only mulch-course restaurant and the character breakfast restaurant. Overall, I think the food options could have had more offerings that kids like, but every kid was able to find something that became a go-to. Additionally, this property isn’t allergy friendly. Open jars of peanut butter and other common allergens were not contained. At several of the full service restaurants though the servers always asked if we had any allergies.

The beach was OK, it was recently damaged by some storms which caused it to lose about 30 feet of sand. I didn’t hear any complaints from other guests, but the sand is noticeably darker than the sand found just a few miles to the east on Bavaro beach. The water was rough all three days which kids on boogie boards loved, but it wasn’t swimmable for most families with small children. Generally this would be a huge issue, but the Nickelodeon resort has a waterpark that more than makes up for the rough waters.

The waterpark was by far one of the best features of the property and every guest that I spoke to (kids and adults) agreed. The milti-level waterpark was complete with a lazy river, shallow kids play area, splash park, several slides and two chances to get slimed! In the mid afternoon there is a large bucket that normally dumps water onto the park, but once a day it fills with organic green slime that dumps onto all of those present. It’s a great way to take some fun family pictures. There is also a private small party/family sliming that has a cost associated where they can experience the slime on their schedule. This is an absolute must!

Located within the waterpark complex you can enjoy snacks, drinks and shows. Ample seating and shade can be easily found. There is also a top notch kids club that gives children the chance to make new friends, play, relax, and participate in hands on activities (like slime making) all while being supervised by certified child care staff. Parents need to check-in and check-out their kids if they decide to leave them and a small fee is required. This is also where you can immerse yourself in the kids experience, music and where you can find a dedicated character meet and greet spot.

Also nearby there is a full scale sports complex with enclosed soccer fields, basketball courts, and archery to name a few. Snacks and drinks can also be found here. This is a great place for active teens and young adults.

Finally, there is a spa on property that reviles some of the best spas in the Caribbean. The spa is full service and offers guests a chance to pamper themselves at a reasonable price. Some highlights include hot and cold plunge pools and an ice fall (freshly shaved ice snows down so that guests can get a handful to cool themselves off… you have to see it!).

Overall this resort is a lot of fun and a great option for any traveler who’s looking for something different. The food, amenities and location are all great selling features!

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