Riu Guanacaste Costa Rica Review

We stayed at the Riu Palace but I wish we had stayed at the Riu Guanacaste. The Riu Guanacasta is still in the Spanish decor. Beautiful with the tiered fountains and shade covered walkways. Beautiful ceilings. A very nice property. If you stay at the Riu Palace you have exchange privileges at the Riu Guanacaste. I only walked over to take photos.

Loved Costa Rica! If you are looking for white sand beaches this is not the place to go. The beach is as it shows in the pictures, dark gray. Water was nice, but it is the Pacific and not the Caribbean. People go to Costa Rica for different reasons. The adventure. Yes I zip lined and even Supermaned and also did the ATV tour. It always gets dark early in Costa, about 6-630 and gets light at 5am.

Our transfer from the airport took about 40 minutes. Getting through immigration, was very fast and easy. I had to pay the departure tax of $29 per person. They will take credit cards but charge you a small fee. The airport is very small, only 4 gates, so you can’t get lost (noticed United, Delta, and Southwest flights and Apple Vacations charter nonstop from Chicago- 5 hour flight).

The entertainment was different every night. The had a great Michael Jackson show and a 70’s show with a live band before and after, to dance to. They also had a children’s show with games before. There is a street between the two resorts to share the casino, club, spa and shopping stores. You have to pay for drinks in the club and casino. Otherwise enjoy the entertainment at the resort with drinks included.

If you are looking for something different and want the convenience of an all inclusive and some outdoors adventure, Costa Rica is perfect and prices well with good flights. Contact the Travel Brokers Inc to plan your Costa Rica resort vacation or book Riu Guanacaste Costa Rica now.

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