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Client Review of TRS Coral Resort

We have a client who just got back from her honeymoon at TRS Coral in Costa Mujeres, Mexico. She was texting me throughout the week with some of her honest opinions about the resort. She has been to many all-inclusive resorts in the past.

Here is what she shared with me about it:

-Great spa. She and her husband did the hydrotherapy circuit and a massage. She said their spa is beautiful and the hydrotherapy circuit is really cool. You go from the sauna to an ice bath, to the steam room, to the ice room, to the salt room, and then to a hot tub. They also have pools with many massage features. She said the masseuse was excellent.

-Every night at dinner they asked if they were celebrating something and when they said honeymoon, they pulled out all the stops. They brought out huge desserts with sparklers to their table every time.

-The swim-up rooms, or at least the one they were in at the very end of the building, can be hard to get drink service at throughout the day. The swim-ups are kind of closed off from the main pool area and pool bar. Occasionally she said a server would crawl through the bushes and bring them drinks but not often. She said this was very different than other resorts we have been to, where there is usually a dedicated pool bar for the swim-ups and more servers walking around.

-Beds are incredibly uncomfortable she stated and her husband agreed. Which is odd for a luxury resort. She said that she has had better beds at budget or moderate resorts than at this resort.

-The lobby bar has a special snack/dessert area. Her husband was in love. Many snacks and desserts were had before/after dinner.

-There is a 24-hour sports bar at the resort that is connected to this one, which is Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres. They went there a couple of different times and enjoyed it.

-She said the food is great at the ala carte restaurants but the buffet left a little to be desired. It wasn't as nice and large as other buffets at other resorts.

-The beach was clean with little seaweed. Lots of chairs.

-She said that her butler was great but that housekeeping and the concierge weren't as good. She asked for more water and refreshments and was told yes they would bring it soon. But it never showed after many hours. She had to contact her butler for assistance and did eventually get her requested items. Just not in a timely fashion.

Overall, she enjoyed her visit there and would recommend it. She said it was definitely luxe, but she kind of longed for some of the things at the more moderate resorts like better buffets, different bottled water, more accessible swim-up bars, etc. She said it is more of a couples-type resort. She said friends would have a nice time, but the vibe is just geared more towards couples. So keep that in mind if you ever book this resort.

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