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 Allow 3 hours for Check-In for all flights returning to the US. 

 Federal laws forbid the carriage of hazardous materials aboard   the aircraft in your luggage or on your person. Click for details. 

It is recommended that all travelers recheck their flight times 24 hours before the scheduled departure and then again a couple hours before the scheduled time especially in times of bad weather.  Please remember that bad weather in other parts of the country (and world) can affect your departure time.  Also, please remember to reconfirm your return flight while at your destination.  You can use the links on this page to go directly to the airline’s flight status page to check on a flight.  You can also use these links to check on the arrival time of flights if picking up someone at the airport and to check-in online. By printing or emailing your boarding pass ahead of time, you can bypass the ticket counter and head straight to your gate. You can also check-in via the airline's phone app.

Flight Status

Most major airports have nearby off-site long-term parking facilities that offer discounts on parking. Some require a discount coupon which may be printed out directly from their website. Almost all of the lots offer free transfer service between their parking lot and the airport terminals. Some airports have on-site long-term parking lots that offer a discount but they are often more expensive than the off-site lots and may require a lengthy walk. Select your airport below and look for the discount parking links.

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Parking Coupons

The links below show the allowed luggage dimensions and carry-on dimensions for most major airlines. In most cases, carry-ons must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Since most airlines are now charging a fee for checked luggage more people are taking carry-ons. This is causing a shortage of space in overhead bins on the aircraft, therefore, it is recommended that your carry-on be small enough to fit under the seat.

The allowed carry-on bag size may vary from airline to airline and can change at any time, therefore, travelers should verify the carry-on policies and luggage policies before every trip. We encourage travelers to contact the airlines directly if they have questions regarding an unusual item. Items restricted from carry-on luggage may change without notice due to current security levels.

There is a limit to the airline's liability for lost or damaged luggage. Therefore, luggage insurance is recommended when you are taking items that exceed the airline's liability. Luggage insurance can either be purchased separately or as part of a travel insurance policy. Always read the policy carefully. You can purchase travel insurance from one of our agents even if you did not purchase your trip with our agency.

For the latest information on items prohibited in carry-on luggage and checked baggage please visit the TSA at .

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Car Rentals Tips:  The following are general rules that apply to most car rentals companies.  Check with your car rental company for their exact policies.

  1. You must have a credit card or cash to qualify. Debit cards are not accepted at many locations. They may run a credit check if not paying by credit card.

  2. Your credit card must have additional funds available over and above the amount of the rental. For example, One major car rental company puts a hold on an additional 40% of your rental amount on your credit card.

  3. The driver must be 25 years old or older. Note: with some car companies you can rent a car if under 25 but there is a rather large fee to do so.

  4. The driver must have a valid driver's license.

  5. The driver must have a “clean” driving record.

  6. Check with your own auto insurance company before renting any car to find out the extent of your coverages. Most car insurance companies will only cover a rental car to the limit of the coverage on your own car. This means if you drive an older car and rent a nice new car you could be underinsured. In this case, we would definitely recommend purchasing the extra insurance offered by the car rental company. Many people take the extra insurance anyway to avoid any hassles if they get in an accident. Without the added insurance most car rental companies will charge your credit card the cost of the repairs or more until they are reimbursed by your auto insurance company which could take several weeks.

  7. Inspect your rental vehicle for dents and other problems and make sure it is noted before you leave the lot.

  8. If you choose to refuel your car before returning it to the airport pick a station well away from the airport itself. Most stations near airports know that people returning their cars are in a hurry and will be forced to pay more.

Car rental

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